Cutting & Binding


We use the latest machines that will extract grit, grime and stains and leave your carpets with a fresh fragrant smell. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solution is safe for toddlers and animals.

Steam extraction with detergent, either with portable equipment or truck mount systems are used for the best result.

Most furniture sofas, chairs and tables be moved and put back. Furniture protectors are placed where needed.

Scotchgard- fabric protector: repels water and spills, making clean up quick and easy. The long lasting protection actually helps the fabric maintain its own natural texture.

Other services,



Stains-removal Deodorizer

Odor control and much more.,

Cutting & Binding

Restoration - antique rugs

Fringe-Repair and replace

Color bleeding

Stain removal

Rug reweaving

Restoration of worn corners and sides

Restoration of moth damage and water rot

Repair of rips, slits, and tears holes