Your carpet is often the first impression you make when someone walks in your home or office. Make sure you look your best and maintain your carpet investment with Diamond Carpet Cleaning.

Diamond Carpet Cleaning has led the carpet cleaning industry in customer satisfaction for over 10 years. Our reputation is due largely to a deep commitment to quality and exceeding our customer’s service expectations.


Diamond Carpet Cleaning has the experience and ability to meet all your commercial carpet cleaning requirements. Whether it is an annual cleaning or ongoing programmed maintenance, our cleaning process will ensure the highest standards for cleanliness and longevity for the lifespan of your carpet.

We at Diamond Carpet Cleaning also use Steam cleaning machines which uses a powerful vacuum and pump system that is attached to our truck. The system consists of a cleaning wand that emits hot water and a cleaning solution, and then a wastewater hose sucks the cleaning solution out of the carpeting.

Steam cleaning works well for wall-to- wall carpeting because the wand is easily maneuvered around the edges of the carpeting and furniture. Because of the vacuum pump system, this method performs a deep clean by pulling out dirt stuck deep inside the carpeting.